Marshall Street Capital (MSC) strives to maximize returns on Hauske family assets in excess of benchmarks to benefit current and future generations.

To accomplish this, MSC collaborates with the best available investment advisors. These include, Monticello Associates, who advises management of MSC on assets held in partnerships and trusts for the benefit of the Family, and Asset Consulting Group, who advises management of MSC on assets held in trust for the benefit of participants in a legacy pension plan. MSC invests with the best asset managers worldwide who are selected by management with guidance from its advisors.

Investments are made across a broad range of asset categories, including domestic and international equities, fixed income, hedge funds, private equity and real assets.

Additionally, consistent with the family’s history of investing in growth opportunities for its operating businesses, MSC has allocated a portion of the family assets to high-growth, high-return direct investments.

For these direct investments, MSC seeks upside opportunities in many categories and has the ability and willingness to accommodate illiquidity or volatility for the best possible gains.